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Vespa et4 no spark

After weeks of grey, gloomy skies, the return of the sun and the thermometer soaring to 39F could only mean a wonderful opportunity to go for a ride. And with the recent addition of heated grips and Tucano Urbano muffs there would be a cosmic alignment of solar and electric heat to produce the coziest of rides.

After weighing geographic options I headed south towards breakfast at the Spruce Creek Bakery. The light was dazzling and the air seemed swept clear of any dense or negative energy. The Vespa now has Koso heated grips and Tucano muffs installed to keep my hands warm. Usually at this temperature I would have my electric gloves on but instead opted for my LL Bean deerskin field gloves — light, supple, and comfortable.

So hot that I had to run them on half power. I was also surprised how quickly I adapted to my hands being inside the muffs. No issues at all save for a need to be deliberate with any thumb actions — starter, kill switch, horn, turn signals — since your hands are inside these big, fixed muffs. The bakery was closed so I continued on towards Sinking Valley and another place to eat. Twenty-six miles from home and the scooter died. This is as far as I got. Stopped to make a picture inside the underpass, got back on the scooter, started the engine, it ran for a few seconds and it died.

Try again, runs for a second and dies. My best guess is the fuel pump is failing. At least the sun was shining and the temperature was in the low forties as I started pushing the scooter back towards Spruce Creek, Pennsylvania in hopes of a cell signal. A half-dozen vehicles stopped to ask if I needed help.

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Not a single Vespa technician among them. Nice to know that people care about an old man pushing a Vespa along a road. He was available and would bring his truck to haul the dead scooter to Kissell Motorsports and most likely a new fuel pump. While I waited I watched the fisherman work their way along the Little Juniata River just a few hundred yards from where Spruce Creek dumps its water and fish into the river.

This is a popular spot for fly fishing. Not far from here is the club where President Jimmy Carter was a frequent fishing visitor. Now, on to the dead scooter.

I wish it would stay dead because it would be easier to diagnose and fix. As luck bad would have it the Vespa started.Removes immobilizer. Pre-Leader engine. For newer ET4 Models, please see item number Simply plugs straight in to the existing wiring loom.

No wires to cut, no soldering, just plug it in and off you go! Removes immobilizer, replaces factory CDI. You will no longer require a chip key to start your engine. You can change your key and barrel and the scooter will still run. For later ET4 versions see Item Number Once fitted you will no longer require a key with a built in chip. Please check that there are no other issues with your ignition system first, this will only solve your problems if they are CDI related!

No need for a chip key.

vespa et4 no spark

Disconnect the two connectors from the existing Cdi and then remove the unit by undoing the two bolts. Plug the two connectors into the Replacement CDI. Re-attach your bodywork and off you go! However, the inner workings, most importantly the Spark Timing, can vary by up to 30 degrees between manufacturers and the applictation that the cdi is intended for.

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Piaggio Moped Ignition Fault Finding (4-stroke)

Mouse over to zoom - Click to enlarge. Have one to sell?Spark plug misfiring can be triggered off by defective or poorly fitting spark plug resistor caps. For this reason, with these problems it is initially important to check and replace the cable and the cap. We offer spark plug caps which can sometimes be driven with and sometimes without adapter cones for the spark plug.

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Conclusion : Should be replaced with every major engine service and belong in every luggage compartment. AR : "Super, sits in place as if welded on. Userarea Login Login Password? I want to remain logged in. You are here: Webshop Maxiscoote Spare Part Your Shopping Cart. Your shopping cart is empty. Go to Checkout! Your Notepads. Please login to use the Notepads. Search our entire sortiment! New: search items that fit on your scooter, e.

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Create a website in a matter of minutes with the reg Website Builder Looking to get a website up and running quickly?All 50cc Piaggio and Gilera 2-stroke engines plus some geared 50cc e.

Derbi which use the same ignition.

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It's assumed you have and know how to work a multimeter! The best option is to use a spark tester which plugs into the spark plug lead instead of the plug and is clipped to an earth point on the moped engine. It will have an adjustable gap which the spark can jump across and the gap can be adjusted. At its simplest you can check for a spark by removing the plug and resting its threaded part on a good earth point on the engine and either turn the engine over on the starter or kick it over with the ignition on.

A better option is to connect the threaded part of the plug to earth with a jump lead to make sure there is a good connection and that the plug doesn't keep falling off. This is an important point- the distance the spark can jump directly reflects the voltage of the spark. If the spark is weak it's perfectly possible for the spark to be strong enough to jump the 1mm spark plug gap out of the bike and appear good, but not to actually spark at all when the plug is fitted.

Part of the reason for this is that a spark cannot travel so far in the compressed air atmosphere of the cylinder. This is especially true in more highly tuned higher compression moped engines. Also the spark simply may not be strong enough to ignite the mixture correctly.

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For this reason it's necessary to check the spark voltage how strong the spark is and the easiest way to do this is by checking how far the spark can travel in open air. If you don't have a spark tester you'll have to improvise, you can screw two screws into a block of wood approx mm apart, connect one to the terminal up inside the spark plug cap with a wire and the other to engine earth. This means that it is unaffected by any faults in the charging system, battery condition, or any other electical faults and makes it pretty straight forward to fault find.

Click to enlarge picture First to test the pickup CDI red wire The pickup is located on the side of the flywheel and generates a small voltage everytime a nobble on the flywheel passes it. From the timing of this voltage 'pulse' the Piaggio CDI works out when to make the spark. Without this signal the CDI will never spark.

Click to enlarge picture Connect a multimeter set to read resistance ohms between the red wire and a good earth point see pic Piaggio state this reading should be ohms, but it is nearly always ohms. You should get a reading between 85 to ohms if all is well. We've not yet seen a faulty one which has given readings within this range. The only other thing to check is the air gap between the pickup and the nobble on the flywheel. Rotate the flywheel by hand until the nobble passes the pickup and check the gap, it should be approx 0.

Anything more than 1mm loosen the 2 mounting screws and move it closer. If there is no adjustment left you may have to bend it very carefully to get the airgap correct. If the reading is now good but was not good before there is a fault in the wiring, almost certainly in the flywheel block connector which tend to get damaged or corroded. This must be rectified before proceeding. Testing the CDI earth CDI white wire Disconnect the CDI connect block again and making sure the flywheel block connector is reconnected check the resistance between the white cdi wire and a good earth or battery - negative terminal You should have a reading of 0 Ohms as the white wire should be connected directly to earth.

If you now get a good reading but didn't before then there is a problem with the white wire between the flywheel block connector and the cdi block connector, it will almost certainly be the flywheel block connector which can sometimes become corroded or damaged.This article deals with Piaggio ignition fault finding where the scooter has no spark and covers Piaggio Zip 4-stroke 50cc and cc. We've already covered testing for a spark in our previous article Piaggio Ignition Fault Finding which dealt with 2-stroke Piaggio Moped ignition, so we won't cover it again but suffice to say it isn't enough to look at the sparkplug to see if there is a satisfactory spark or not.

In the workshop we use a simple spark tester or you can make your own as described in the linked article. As described in the previous article you need to see a spark of at least 6mm otherwise there is an ignition problem. Click to enlarge Once you've established there is no spark or an inadequate start it's fairly simply to start narrowing things down, in the previous article we explained the basics for using a multimeter so we'll skip straight to the testing.

vespa et4 no spark

Testing the flywheel pickup The flywheel pickup sends a pulse to the cdi everytime the flywheel completes a full rotation and from this the cdi can calculate the speed the engine is spinning rpm and the exact position of the crankshaft and therefore the piston so as it can make an informed decision of when to make the spark plug spark. To test it unplug the connector block from the cdi which is found behind the panel which sits behind the rider's heels close to the spark plug.

There should be a reading of between ohms and ohms between the brown pickup wire and earth point e. If you get this reading the pickup and pickup wiring are almost certainly ok, it's very rare for there to be a problem if you get this reading. If you are getting the correct reading at the cdi then remove the fan cover. As you turn the flywheel with your hand you'll see it has a 'nobble' which passes the pickup every rotation, the gap between this nobble and the nobble on the pickup should be no more than 1mm, any more than this and the pickup may not be triggered.

Testing the killswitch wire When you turn the ignition key off this connects the green wire to earth and tells the cdi to stop sparking.

If you cut or disconnect this wire you won't be able to turn the moped off with the key, so to test this all you have to do is check for continuity between earth e.

Check carefully, if the ignition switch is faulty it can have a 'medium' resistance which may allow the bike to start but cause poor running or cutting out if say the switch gets wet. If you're unsure you can temporarily disconnect the green wire from the cdi to eliminate it for testing.

Piaggio Ignition Fault Finding

Testing the earth wire This one is easy, just disconnect the cdi connector block and check with your multimeter there is continuity between the black wire and earth. You should have a reading of 0 ohms. Testing the stator coils The 4-stroke Piaggio Zips are a little unusual. Normally on mopeds there is one stator coil for the ignition which powers the cdi, and completely separate charging coils to power the lights and charge the battery.

This is why there are only 2 wires coming from the stator assembly- one for the pickup coil brown and one for the stator coils blue black. The coils also connect to earth internally through the bolts holding it to the engine. If you then crank the engine with the multimeter set to AC volts not DC! The regulator is located under the front fairing panel and can be recognised by its cooling fins. If all of the above tests check out ok there is no other real option than to replace the cdi module.

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See our Privacy Policy for more information. PedParts UK. Order by 3. This article deals with Piaggio ignition fault finding where the scooter has no spark and covers Piaggio Zip 4-stroke 50cc and cc Testing for a spark We've already covered testing for a spark in our previous article Piaggio Ignition Fault Finding which dealt with 2-stroke Piaggio Moped ignition, so we won't cover it again but suffice to say it isn't enough to look at the sparkplug to see if there is a satisfactory spark or not.The spark plug is a very important component in your engine.

The spark plug ignites the fuel mixture inside the cylinder by passing a huge voltage, approximately 40,V 40kVkVover an air gap. This air gap exists between the electrode anode and the ground a piece of metal directly below the anode. An 'air gap' is like an open switch.

vespa et4 no spark

The only time any current may cross the gap is when the potential on the anode gets high enough to jump to the ground. When this occurs, a visible spark can be seen as the resistance of the air is broken down and a split-second short circuit occurs. If this spark cannot occur, your gas will not be able to ignite and your engine will falter. The spark plug's job is not only to ignite the gas, but also to serve as a meter for your engine's overall health.

Too black, you may be running rich, which will affect the ability for your engine to fully burn gas; too white, there is a chance that your engine is overheating.

The plug should be a nice "chocolate brown" colour, and there should be a sharp, blue-white spark centered in the air gap. What follows is a guide to selecting, cleaning and monitoring spark plugs. This is what a good plug looks like. The anode should be square and the ceramic surrounding it should be light to chocolate brown.

If your plug looks like this, your engine is probably pretty healthy and the timing is probably spot on. This is an example of a fouled plug. Usually this condition is caused by a bad ignition system misfiringToo much fuel a rich conditionor a plug that is too cold.

Eventually this condition will prohibit the sparkplug conducting spark and the engine will get dirty from left over deposits. If you are having troubles with black, foul plugs, you probably need less fuel and more air being introduced into the engine.

You may need to reduce the size of the main jet to allow less gas into the carburettor's air stream. Typically you would only change to a leaner jet for altitude changes. For a stock motor, you shouldn't have to mess with plug temperature values. Here is a plug that has severely overheated. Blistering of the ceramic insulator and the rounding of the conductor surface indicates severe wear and high temperature melting.

When the Vespa Won’t Start

This is a very bad condition. If your plug looks like this, there is a good chance your engine is going to melt down. Adjust your carb to let more fuel mixture into the chamber, run a colder plug and check any performance components are matched to your engine configuration. Often performance exhausts and cylinder kits will vestly change the gas requirements of your engine.

You will have to re-jet your carburettor to allow more gas and oil into the engine. Resistor Plugs versus Normal Plugs There has been a great debate over the use of resistor plugs in Vespa scoots.

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