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Star bm south africa

The original stone, before cutting, weighed The shepherd sold the stone for the hefty price of sheep, 10 oxen and a horse to Schalk van Niekerka neighboring farmer locally famous for having acquired a and-a-quarter carat diamond in after it was found by a 15 year old boy which he had sold for a good price.

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The diamond stayed in the earl's possession until 2 May [ contradictory ] when it was sold on auction in Geneva for 1. A reproduction of the uncut and cut diamond is still on show there. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Star of Africa. Kimberley: turbulent city.

New Africa Books. London: Longmans, Green and Co Ltd. The great diamonds of the world. Their history and romance. London, G. Retrieved The diamond mines of South Africa. New York, B. Retrieved February 2, Natural History Museum, London. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list All self-contradictory articles. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Star of South Africaalso called the Dudley diamondfirst large diamond found in South Africa; it was discovered in on the banks of the Orange River by an African shepherd boy, who traded it to a Boer settler for sheep, 10 oxen, and a horse.

star bm south africa

It weighed about 84 carats in rough form and was cut to about 48 carats. When news of its huge size reached Europe, it set off the South African diamond rush. Called the Dudley diamond after the earl of Dudley, who purchased it, it should not be confused with the much larger Star of Africa, cut from the Cullinan diamond.

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star bm south africa

Diamond, a mineral composed of pure carbon. It is the hardest naturally occurring substance known; it is also the most popular gemstone. Because of their extreme hardness, diamonds have a number of important industrial applications. The hardness, brilliance, and sparkle of diamonds make them….

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Article History.Produced by Star Bonifacio Escheverria in Spain, this single-stack 9x19mm single-action pistol remains a fairly popular handgun for those seeking inexpensive firearms that are not cheap. If a bit heavy by today's standards, it is compact and lends itself nicely to concealed carry. These pistols are no longer manufactured and the company that produced them no longer exists in the same form.

It has merged with another Spanish arms maker and it is important to note that no new parts are being produced. Parts replacement will only get more difficult with each passing year. The Star Model BM is an all-steel single-action semiautomatic that resembles the pattern pistol. Some features are shared but it is not a clone. Parts do not interchange and internal systems are quite different. The Model BM shown has had the hammer spur bobbed to eliminate hammer bite and the magazine disconnect has been removed.

This is very easily done on the Model BM. There is nothing fancy about this gun, but it is solidly built and a reasonably good performer, particularly for the price. They come throated from the factory and feed many JHP's well, but not necessarily all.

Star Model BM

Length from muzzle to rear of butt : 7. Height from bottom of grip to top of rear sight : 5.

star bm south africa

Grips : checkered brown plastic The plastic is not "stiff" but somewhat malleable. Barrel : 3. Finish : matte blue I've heard that some were available in an electroless nickle, but have not seen one. Sights : fixed notched rear blade and serrated front ramp, plain black on black. The rear sight on the Model BM is nothing fancy, but is quite usable as it comes. I do find the rear notch just a small bit shallow for my tastes, but not enough to alter it.

Surprisingly, these sights are not at all "slow" to be picked up at speed. Here is the slide assembly. There are definite similarities to the visible in the external features of the gun and with the removable bushing as well as the swinging link, but there are also considerable differences between the two designs. The link is in the proper position for reassembly on the Star but would not be on a true The Model BM comes throated from the factory and the barrel and feed ramp design is the same as on the On the right we see that while case support is adequate on the Model BM, the 9mm case is by no means fully supported.

Like thethe Star using a Browning style lock up as is evidenced by the swinging link and locking lug on the barrel along with the removable barrel bushing. While less like to lose a spring under field conditions, it is also more difficult to change recoil springs with this arrangement.

Externally the Star mimics the There are similarities, but there are also significant differences.Guardia Civil used BM for many years. Like many of you reading this, my inbox is generally filled with ads for an array of firearms-related products. I usually open only a fraction of these ads, but I almost always open ones from Century International Arms. Few readers will realize that the BM was triumphant in one of the most lethal close-quarters gun battles in recent military history. Right-side profile view of Star BM shows influence.

Now out of ammo for his pistol as well, van Vuuren managed to get the armored car running on four flat tires and ran over two more Cubans, one of whom was firing an AK at the vehicle. He has also gone down in the annals of gunfighters who remained cool under stress and used their weapon to its utmost capabilities. As shipped from Century International Arms, BM came with a cleaning rod, spare magazine, and instruction manual in Spanish. When the Guardia Civil upgraded to the Beretta 92, a lot of Star BMs were traded in or sold, thus making them available for shooters such as you or me.

When I picked it up, I was particularly impressed with the plastic case containing the original Spanish manual, cleaning rod, spare magazine, and pistol. My pistol appeared to have never been issued, possibly because it had been sitting in a Guardia Civil armory when the unit changed pistols. In any case, I am quite happy with its condition. Star BM disassembled into its primary components for cleaning. As with many Star designs, the BM has obvious similarities to the Colt But it also has marked differences.

There is no grip safety, and the barrel bushing does not have to be removed to assemble or disassemble the pistol, though it does have to be removed to slide the barrel in or out of the slide. At only 7. As with the Browning Hi Power, a takedown notch on the slide allows the safety to hold the slide open while removing or inserting the slide lock.

BM should not be carried with hammer down on a loaded chamber because it lacks an inertia firing pin. Condition One shown or Condition Three should be used. One of the aspects of the BM that should be particularly noted is that it does not have an inertia firing pin.

As a result, it should not be carried in Condition Two loaded chamber, hammer downas the chance of a jolt causing a discharge would be too great. Condition Three empty chamber, loaded magazine was the carry method for many military and police users.

Condition One loaded chamber, cocked hammer, safety on would be the more desirable carry method, but dropping the weapon might cause a negligent discharge. As with any loaded firearm, care must be taken.No account?

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Polymetal has a 'clear path to full ownership of Veduga' Mining Weekly Sony has patented a robot gaming companion that can react to your emotions Critical Hit John Steenhuisen The sprint and the marathon - winning the battle against Covid News24 Ouma god!Remember Me? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Star 9mm. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Star 9mm Friend of mine is looking to buy this star pistol.

It will mostly be used for sd. I have no knowledge on it. Just want to know is it any good? Re: Star 9mm So many other options? This star is heavy, my father sold his because of endless FTF issues. Also the mags had to be filed down to fit properly.

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Think twice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. In today's world there are far better firearms though and the problem with the Star Model B is that you're going to struggle to find parts — and probably magazines — for it, not to mention properly compatible modern holsters.

But, if it is all your friend can afford, then go for it and upgrade as soon as funds allow. Just one point — please tell your friend never — never — to dry fire that firearm.

They have a long history of breaking their firing pins when they are dry fired and if you think you are going to find a replacement firing pin, I have news for you.

star bm south africa

You might but you are going to be lucky to find one. Quemadmodum gladius neminem occidit: occidentis telum est.

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Seneca 4 BC - 65 AD. Re: Star 9mm Tell him to at least test it out on the range with rounds of ball ammo. Test all the mags it comes with etc. Posted via Mobile Device. Re: Star 9mm Apparently the old guy selling it still has some of the ammo he bought it with, wasn't an active hand gun shooter, so my thoughts is that it may have been a safe queen?Basically, this is all the stuff that doesn't fit in another section.

Most of all, while the rest of the site is more of a reference work, this is about actually owning and using a Star firearm. Not entirely, but mostly. Because of this vague definition, expect things to move in and out of this section. Star has been out of business for over 20 years now, and many of the classic guns were not made for decades before that.

Magazines are getting hard to come by now, with some unavailable, and many starting to command fairly high prices. But most people don't shoot much, and Star believed everyone should have a spare mag or thee, so made plenty. It is still possible to buy magazines still in Star or Interarms, etc packaging. These are always to be preferred, and aftermarket mags are often not quite as good. See below for details. The following is a list of all the magazine tricks and tips I know about and one or two revoked tips.

If you have any information a new tip, a reliability issue or confirmation, etc. There are small dimensional differences between the magazines on some of the B-series pistols.

Try to get magazines intended for your pistol until you are sure what else fits. Despite the apparent similarities and my previous claims Colt magazines are not the same size as P and PD magazines. Some people have made them work, but they will wobble around and may not function correctly.

The Iver Johnson and FI versions of this pistol use a new style of floorplate, with large grooves on the side. It fits into cutouts in the frame and grip panels.

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However, the magazine body is the same size on all guns. Star magazines with the short floorplate will work in the Iver Johnson and FI guns, but to use the thick baseplate magazines in the Star pistols would require reverting to the original floorplates, if you could find some. When Interarms imported the 10 mm pistols to the US, they usually possibly always welded a strip of steel to the inside of the magazine tube, inexplicably limiting the capacity to 12 shots. Though reliabity may be compromised.

While many Star firearms have small, annoying changes between series, it seems that the Models21 and 22 all use the same magazine. Note that this only applies to magazines of exact factory configuration.

Many aftermarket magazines are somewhat squarer on the front, so will not fit in the Star pistols. If you have a. The Smith mags do have a hump at the front to prevent their insertion in their 9 mm pistols, but this could presumably be pushed in or filed away I have never done so myself. For either one, the floorplate mates with the bottom of the grip in a way that some find slightly ugly, but it does work just fine.

Neither of these work if you left the magazine safety in. In that case, the mag sorta-kinda shoves the mag safety up, and will cause trigger pull inconsistency and trouble.

I would remove it, but you could probably cut and punch out the little mag safety shelf into the magazine body also, if you wanted to. The 9 mm and. Some testing by readers proves they do not just fit, but seem to feed just fine. If you have trouble finding one caliber, or have both guns and find it annoying to keep the mags separate, you can stop. Of course, don't mix up ammo as that can cause issues; one suggestion is to make all starvel mags one caliber, all blued mags the other.

Mec-Gar sells a round magazine for the. Though I am not positive the gun exists, this magazine will function in the 9 mm Firestar Plus, and carries the usual 13 rounds. Apparently, this was illegal to do until recently, so that's why no one else said this.

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