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Best 2 way speaker kit

This path has undoubtedly been blazed in the past, however, I am looking for recommendations for a compact bookshelf-esque two-way speaker with precise yet potent full-range reproduction.

My goal is to emulate the qualities of a Dynaudio Special 25 but at a lower price. The McIntosh LS comes to mind, however, none have been on the market for a long time. Any ideas? I've heard them many times in person. They aren't too fussy and I think they compete directly with the Dynaudio model you mention. Really a fine speaker! Clifton or Jim Tavegia would have a more in-depth opinion on these Triangle speakers, but they are from a good line. I've heard other models and had some great experiences, and some other models and had a less than great opinion So, worth learning about but don't buy it on just my word.

There is a pair of Infinity Kappa speakers for a decent price on Ebay.

best 2 way speaker kit

Item number These sound pretty nice. Intermezzo 2. I got a pair for about bucks and just love 'em. Stereophile gave them a Class A rating and while I think they are great, I wouldn't go that far These Arum speakers are pretty nice. I have a soft spot for them. An all around good value Finally, look over the net for a pair of Chario Academy 2 speakers - killer fidelity, but a little power hungry.

You might read Wes Philips' review of the Dynaudio Focus and make note of the comparisons he made with his own Special 25s.

It might make sense to consider the larger s or even the s if your room is on the smallish side. Von Gaylord Audio formerly Legend Audio has two-way's that have had great reviews at the shows. ACI Sapphires have also gained alot of underground press. I've seen them on the used market.


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best 2 way speaker kit

Joined: Sep 8 - am. Always a fun topic. Here's a few that I'd be willing to own at 1 kilodollar and below: These examples are not mine, nor do I endorse any seller. Just talking about examples. Triangle Speaker Now the damn website pop-up things are goofing up my attempts to post At Audiogon, these Proacs are really sweet compact speakersLogin or Sign Up.

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Best speaker driver configuration 2 way 3 way 4 way and more discussed (part 2)

Previous 1 2 template Next. Please tell me what the very best DIY 2 way speaker project you have ever heard. Tags: None. That's a very nebulous question I have heard lot's of 2-ways, that I really liked, and built more than a few myself.

But to say that one is the ultimate in 2-ways is likely to cause a storm of opinions and quite possibly some amount of argument. Therefore, I will leave my own designs out of this and tell you that my favorite 2-way to date is Dave Ellis' b. I hope my wording is such that everyone understands that this is only my opinion, and as such, does not necessarily hold for other's as well. As an attorney, Dan Carrol will have to review this to confirm that I have made my statements as ambiguous as possible.

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best 2 way speaker kit

How much are you willing to spend? I've seen some realy high dollar speakers for what your asking about. Re: That's a very nebulous question I looked at Ellis's design - very nice but no drawings of crossover. Anything else? Well, you do have to buy the kit to get the schematic, but you're going to have to buy parts and build a cabinet for any DIY design, so I'm not sure why this should be a deal killer.

What about Zaph? Very nice projects over there. Plus, according to what you intend to spend. Im on new computer and do not have the link.

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Hopefully, someone will post it 4 u. Or I will in a bit.

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Looks for Curt's latest 2-way. Plus, very low cost. How do you audition DIY speakers? God, this is easy.Discussion in ' DIY ' started by fragglerOct 13, Super Best Audio Friends. Read these "rules" AND introduce yourself before your first post. A healthy approach to understanding measurements Being true to what the artists intended. Recommendations for DIY speaker kits have been asked for in several threads at this point, so hopefully this can be a thread where people can be pointed.

PyruvateMerricksphinxvc and 1 other person like this. What makes this unique is that this is also amongst one of the few sand filled designs out there. They have many options from flatpack to fully assembled. Another Fostex kit with a good rep is the the Frugal Horn. A lot of people on diyaudio swear by it. Madisound also has some very reputable Fostex kits that others on this forum are big fans of. Some problems can be avoided by using bi-amplification, however you still have a crossover in between the amp and the driver.

However that's a general discussion of active monitors, not specific to this speaker. What I really like about this speaker is the PVC construction. It simplifies construction quite a bit since you don't have to deal with accurately cutting different planks.

It also comes straight from one of the very very very important figures in audio. His page on the LXMini is very detailed with plenty of information on his thought process and why he chooses what he does. Anything by Troels Gravesen is really well thought out. I don't think I need to say too much about his speakers because he devotes several pages of his own thoughts on everything he makes.

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I really want to make his TWQT one day. Last edited: Oct 13, CspirouOct 13, Merrick likes this. My head's spinning with all the possibilities combined with my lack of experience with speakers. Of course want the best sound quality possible, but being a noob with diy speakers probably means starting with something inexpensive and with pre-fabbed cabs. It would be nice to know about those higher-end or more advanced speakers, though, to keep in mind for the future if an initial project isn't a disaster.

GoodEnoughGearOct 13, They are standard in large concert venues. These are made with cheap daytons drivers. From the measurements the frequency response remains the same whether you are standing or sitting down.

ArmaegisOct 13, Cspirou likes this. HrodulfOct 15, Any suggestions for high efficiency speakers that aren't full range single drivers?

CspirouOct 15, MrTieOct 15, OJnegOct 15, Our drivers compete with anything on the market and has been optimized for the best performance at in its price bracket.

Maybe you don't know how to design your own crossover but are willing to do some of the work in putting a speaker together. We offer complete speaker kits that come with or without pre-cut MDF panels so you can build your own speaker from scratch.

This option offers the same amazing performance as our fully finished speakers at equally amazing value. Our kits have been designed to be incredibly easy to put together to have you listening to great sound from a weekend project.

Have a technical question about our prodcuts or a customer service issue? Need advice on how to use them? Want to see us come out with new products? Or maybe you just feel like sharing how awesome you think the CSS drivers are it's ok, we do too! You can reach out to us 24 hours a day with the form below or by emailing us at info css-audio. Solutions for Every LEvel. The Frugal Auidophile. Wondering which speaker is right for you? Have a question?In addition to a detailed description of complete systems, we also present crossovers and sketches to boost your own design ideas.

All of this experience and knowledge we are pleased to share with you through this section of the website.

As a part of our quest for a breathtaking sound, we have cooperated with Siegfried Linkwitz for several years. His designs are unique and challenge our ideas about what a speaker should look like in order to reproduce sounds naturally in a room.

The resulting designs can be found at linkwitzlab. All are housed in a compact closed box enclosure and powered by the Hypex Fusion FA. The design goal for this kit is to get a true fullrange loudspeaker system in a compact enclosure with outstanding performance. The Drive Units To achieve the design goals of this kit we chose to start with a coaxial unit in order to save some baffle space and get all of the benefits of sound quality from a coaxial.

Since the chosen midrange coaxial can easily play down to Hz, it was possible to use a high quality subwoofer with excellent low-frequency extension to take care of the lower frequencies. A benefit of the coaxial arrangement is that the off-axis response is equal in all directions. That makes the sound imaging very stable with a large sweet spot.

It uses a Neodymium magnet system for optimum air-flow, minimal back wave reflection and a healthy sensitivity. With its high power handling and low Q and Fs it can handle a large amount of EQ in the low end.

Since it also has a smooth response high up in frequency it can be used all the way to a midrange unit, thus eliminating the need for a dedicated mid-woofer in this loudspeaker kit. We chose to use a three channel plate amplifier with DSP capabilities which is of high quality, easily available and provided ample power for the speaker system. The choice lands on the Fusion FA. Three channels of amplification mean that there is available DSP for each individual driver.

The Enclosure Design. One of the design goals of this system is to make the enclosure as small as possible. Since the target group is the DIY enthusiasts the design also required reasonable simplicity. Sound pressure frequency response measured in an anechoic chamber is shown. The next figure shows the on-axis response of the different presets provided in the DSP setup file. High quality stands should be used to bring the tweeter approximately to ear level or slightly above.

Even in the best listening room, it is important to determine the positions where the loudspeakers will perform optimally. Some experimentation is recommended in order to find cabinet positions that result in a good tonal balance and freedom from coloration.

After finding a good placement of the speaker, then there are almost endless possibilities to fine tune the sound balance with the Hypex DSP. Please see the Application Note for details. Bifrost is a 2-way speaker using the E W18NX woofer and …. It is a full …. Download Mimir plans Named after Mimira primal god of Norse ….Home Audio Nirvana.

Are you tired of all the hype from advertising driven websites, magazines, and dealers just out for your money? Tired of '4D' speakers? Dead, dull, dark, and distant. Ready to be amazed? At CommonSense Audio our goal is not to sell 'affordable' speakers and amplifiers, but to make the world's best sound affordable.

Because of our 50 years experience building full-range and coaxial speakers, and vacuum tube amplifiers. When you buy from us, you get free, unlimited lifetime technical support, on our speakers, and help with any cabinet design.

W e'll do custom design work so you can build cabinets to your own specifications or modify your existing cabinets--free with any purchase. We're not just a business. We love music as much as you do.

Our goal is to make the best possible sound affordable for everyone. We honestly feel that the Audio NirvanaLowtherand Fostex speakers we sell are the best full-range speakers in the world at any price. Speakers are available in: 3" 76 mm6.

best 2 way speaker kit

Audio Nirvana is the only company that has ever made true full-range speakers larger than 8 inches. We don't build larger full-range speakers for more bass, but for astonishing midrange and treble. A special proprietary design makes this possible. Any whizzer cone model is not truly a full-range speaker, but a two-way speaker where the tweeter cone is glued to the woofer cone.

But whizzer cone full-range speakers are still much better than multi-driver speakers with a crossover. Ferrite offers the best value. Neodymium rare earth magnets offer the highest efficiency and most detail. Alnico magnet models are the smoothest, richest, best balanced, have the most bass, and offer more detail than Ferrite magnet models.

All Audio Nirvana DIY speakers use strong, beautiful, cast aluminum frames--not cheap pressed steel sheet metal as most companies use.

Welcome to Speaker Hardware

We supply free DIY speaker cabinet plans, parts list, and setup tips with any purchase. You can also buy generic cabinets online, or have cabinets made by our woodworking partners.

Audio Nirvana high efficiency DIY full-range speakers have better sound than any other speaker and better build quality than any other speaker. Super 6. We have been designing, building, and selling high efficiency DIY full-range speakers--using full-range drivers--for more than 25 years now. Before we started Audio Nirvanawe were one of the largest sellers of Lowther and Fostex full-range speakers. We continue to be dealers for both Lowther and Fostex. With Audio Nirvana we are now one of the largest manufacturers of these types of speakers anywhere in the world.

There were problems with all the other full-range speaker designs available and we decided we could do better. We have. And, for the first time, it's possible for you to buy directly from a manufacturer.Find results that contain All of my search term words Any of my search term words Find results in Since I made my first DIY speaker 16 years ago, there has been the occasional time that i've lost sleep over hifi, but the last 2 weeks may have been the most excited i've ever been about hifi.

But wait, you say. Look at the frequency response!

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Look at the power handling! There's no way i'd buy one of those! Sadly, that's what many people have said, and that's the only mention of this driver I can find on the net. In fact, I made all of these mistakes when I first designed a speaker using this driver about 10 years ago. It was only when I was cleaning out the shed that I gave them another listen, taking the notch filter off them, and was amazed as they suddenly came to life!

Hearing things you've never heard on your favourite CDs before through a speaker that you've kept in the shed for a decade is a sobering experience! OK, so how on earth can we overcome that response? I have to position mine a little away from the backwall as I get too much bass in my 4m x 3m listening room. I happily listened to these for a week without hooking up a tweeter, even though i'd already mounted my RAAL ribbons in the baffle.

I'm using these with a relatively high end B SET amp, which is ideal for giving great quality in the first few watts. EDIT: here is the latest version of the crossover - if you're going to build these, go with this one.

DIY Speaker Kit suggestions

So, my first though after reading all your comments is I wonder Looking forward to the pics, Kye. Pics and build notes please I'm tempted to try out a DIY proj, yours seems economical enough to warrant a test build. I have always wondered what a pair of speakers running 4 Fostex FEe and a horn tweeter in each cab would be like. I have been suggesting to people with Fostex drivers that the best way to get a better balanced sound would be to implement them in such a manner.

Drivers do not need to be expensive to sound good. Indeed many modern drivers seem to suffer for being built to handle lots of power and bass. Some of the wizzer coned guitar speakers can also sound very good. I had a pair of RCF 10 inch wizzer coned drivers that sounded much better than the Fostex I was using at the same time.

Perhaps not the treble extension but better in other areas. Thanks for your sharing your project. It sounds great and I'd love to share a listen based on the enthusiasm I hear.

Given the price of the drivers one could do a sort of Pipedreams version And a sub for kicks.

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